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The MidiPiano is free software for playing and producing MIDI music files, with the addition of a virtual piano that can be played with your keyboard or cursor.

The interface for MidiPiano is okay, but not fantastic. The buttons are simple and easy to understand, but it looks almost too simple and could be improved upon for functionality. You can play previously saved MIDI files or make your own. Creating MIDI music with this software consists of recording while you play the virtual piano and then editing to cut or insert notes. You can also adjust the octave, speed and volume. The virtual piano itself takes some getting used to. Our testing went slowly since using your computer keyboard as a piano was new to us and we had to remember which key went to what. Just clicking on the virtual piano keys is bothersome, because it's slow and we found ourselves accidently clicking on the wrong keys. Thankfully, the editing features allow you to delete those mistakes and move the notes closer together for a more cohesive sound.
There weren't any big installation problems, but MidiPiano does not uninstall cleanly. You have to read through the installation process to make sure you don't download a toolbar along with it. The program worked well, though, and didn't cause any problems. We recommend this to someone who knows his or her way around a computer, but you don't have to be an advanced user to use this free software.

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