cities are always better to see from above

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It’s the left bank of the Volga.
It’s the Millenium bridge.
It’s the Romanov bridge.
This is the Kazan Kremlin we have already written about.
It’s Kul Sharif mosque.
This is a cultural and entertainment complex “Pyramid”.
It’s the Palace of the farmers.
Memorial Church devoted to the soldiers killed during the capture of Kazan in 1552.
This is the Kazan Federal University.
We are flying over the center of the city.
It’s Barbara temple.
This is Kazan Virgin Monastery.
It used to be “Kazan” hotel.
New roads are being built.
It’s the rover port.
This is the Kazan railway station.
It’s the cargo river port.
This is a residential complex “Suvorovsky”.
It is the hotel and entertainment complex “Kazan Riviera”.
It’s a national cultural center “Kazan”.
A new metro station is being built.
This is the Kazan Tennis Academy.
It’s a village of Universiade.
The football stadium will be large enough for 45 thousand fans.
It’s a rowing sports center.
This residential complex is called “Sunny City”.
This is the Kirov dam.
This is Victory park.
It’s the exposition of military equipment in the park.
So sometimes you live in a nice city, every morning you look out of your window and see usual drab streets and don’t suspect that your city might look so beautiful from the height.


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