Stunning New Vintage Style Cameras From Ilott

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Ilott rangefinders predate planned obsolescence. They are from a time when an object would be handed down through generations, not just be replaced after a year; when the weight of a product was a sign of quality not regarded a hindrance; when products were repaired instead of discarded.
Used fully manually the cameras in our collection are entirely mechanical; they work with clockwork mechanisms, tension springs and tiny cogs and don’t need a battery to function. They all use 35mm film, which has survived the digital revolution and is still readily available and easy to process at your local supermarket or drugstore.
They are all beautifully engineered and ergonomically designed; they feel solid with a reassuring weight and are perfectly balanced for stable shooting. With exceptionally bright viewfinders they are easy to focus, even in low light and when filters are used. They operate quietly and have superior quality prime lenses that render brilliant colours and contrast, sharp throughout the frame.
These cameras were built to be used and not so expensive that they feel more comfortable in a safe than over one’s shoulder. Not only the perfect companion on the street or on vacation but rugged and reliable enough to survive even the most extreme conditions (Argus C3 used in World War II, Konica Auto S2 in Vietnam).
Their age and the fact that they still work as they should is testament to their design and engineering. Can you imagine using your latest digital camera in 50 years time?
Ilott cameras range from $1,850.00 – $2,250.00


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