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Crocodile Dundee had a knife, Razer has a Blade.

The Pitch: Razer, a company known for its killer PC peripherals, decided to throw its hat in the gaming laptop ring, creating a PC that’s as powerful as it is portable.

What It Really Is: It’s both beauty and the beast. The Blade takes cues from Apple in its design and Alienware in its guts but never loses sight of its Razer roots. The 17 inch screen is a crispy marvel, delivering glorious graphics in high definition and high framerates. The Blade has power on demand, taking any game we threw at it, mainly Diablo and Battlefield 3, chewing them up like a hungry wolverine and spitting out a great gaming experience. We were pleasantly surprised, not just by the Blade’s svelte form but also by its unexpected versatility as it manhandled any task in Photoshop CS6 or bumped tunes with VDJ 7. The icing on the Blade’s cake is the built-in Razer Synapse multitouch trackpad, letting gamers map macros to any of the ten assignable, mutating buttons or fully changing the trackpad into a secondary screen so you can check twitter or update Facebook without ever leaving your Steam session, because no one should ever leave their online social lives unattended, even gamers.

Maxim.com Ready-Made Press Blurb: “The only thing Razer’s Blade is missing is a sun lamp  so we'd never have to leave the house.” -Maxim.com

Fun Fact: About 13% of humanity is left-handed. The Blade’s trackpad is conspicuously positioned on the right side of the laptop, not the typical centrally located touchpad. Ipso facto, Razer hates lefties.

Who’s It For: Gaming laptops are known for being bulging behemoths, portable in the way a wheeled suitcase is portable, aka not very. Razer has produced a game changer with the Blade, shattering conceptions that power and genuine portability were mutually exclusive. If you’re a gamer (or just a lover of excellent design) and you happen to have two months rent burning a hole in your pocket, the Blade is a must-have.


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