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Facebook Now Allows You to Track Your Stalking History

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The thing about using online services is all your activities are easily recorded. Last year, Facebook introduced an Activity Log feature that basically tracks

every single thing you’re doing on Facebook like the games you’ve played, posts you’ve shared, pictures you’ve posted and even comments you’ve made. Now, Facebook is

enhancing the feature to keep track of everything you search within its social network so yes, you can see who you’ve been obsessively stalking.

But before you panic, don’t worry, Activity Log is private and only visible to you, thankfully. According to Facebook, you can still choose to delete your nasty stalking

evidence, you know, just incase your device gets hijacked and someone else decides to ransack through the log. The feature is available immediately but if

you’re not seeing it on your profile yet, just wait a little while as Facebook is slowly rolling it out to all users.

Just when you thought Facebook couldn’t get any more annoying by sharing out things it shouldn’t – I have to do a weekly cleanup for apps and such just to

disable them from posting onto my wall without my permission, it decides to introduces something new. To check your Activity Log, visit your Timeline, the link

should be located on the top right side, just below your Cover photo.


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