The Tianjin Eco-City

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The Tianjin Eco-City: The New Wave of Green Living

As a culture we have become obsessed green living, and rightfully so. The amount of waste we have produced through our industrialization has greatly impacted our world’s natural balance and is literally sucking the life out of the resources that we have at our disposal. Decisions such as paper or plastic are becoming more crucial and simply switching your light bulbs to incandescents isn’t enough anymore.
People are now moving to build homes that are completely green, made of recyclable materials and run on solar power. Others are learning to recycle rain water and invest in geothermal technologies to power their homes. Communities as a whole are trying to become more sustainable, and even the state and federal governments are handing out incentives to do so. However, perhaps the biggest development in green living is the creation of the eco-city.
Tianjin Eco-City, located in China, is a 30 square kilometer city that will don the most premier green technologies in the world. Located just minutes from the Tianjin Economic-Development business parks, the community, which will house nearly 350,000 residents, will provide a quick commute and an escape from the pollution in which China suffers terribly from. The Eco-City will even have its own dedicated light rail system to reduce the number of cars on the road.
Designed by the Surbana Urban Planning Group, the Tianjin Eco-City should be open in 2020 and will be the first of its kind. In addition to solar and wind power technologies, the community will also utilize rainwater recycling, waste-water treatment, and desalination of sea water to create a completely sustainable community. Within the Eco-City, residents will also be able to enjoy various eco-landscapes such as a sun-powered solarscape and a greenery-clad earthscape. There will also be several public green spaces for regular enjoyment and leisure time.
Perhaps the most unique feature of the city is its layout. The city will feature 7 distinct areas: a Lifescape, an Eco-Valley, a Solarscape, an Urbanscape, a Windscape, and Earthscape, and Eco-corridors. Each area will serve a purpose that is specifically designed to aid in the city’s overall sustainability. The Lifescape, however, will be the only section of the 6 to provide a green area to offset the living and commercial areas in the other 6 sections.
While the Tianjin Eco-City is years from being completed, it is still a strong indicator of where green living and development is headed. As we strive to create the most sustainable living situations possible, we can expect to see sustainable power supplies, recyclable building materials, and reusable items become more of our everyday norm. In another decade, a city like Tianjin Eco-City may even become the new norm.
Tianjin Eco-City …. as the green future unfolds.


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