Garden of Delight – Embryonic Architectural Concept by Miro Straka

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Garden of Delight by Miro Straka
Miro Straka’s conceptual project thus begins as a single cell, gradually forming a fetus. With this design the building itself grows and ages with time, starting from nothing and developing into a piece of inhabitable space. The structure is built like growing vines tangling together and stretching around the building in an organic and natural rhythm.
Garden of Delight by Miro Straka
The seed becomes a basic spatial characteristic determining the shape evolving process and final diversity. From the basic form a skeletal system is produced, a thin rib-like structure where loads are minimal. This system transfers loads through a spine into the thicker fluent pelvis and grounding it with a long strong femur according to Miro Straka.

Garden of Delight by Miro Straka
The skin is assembled by pillows with liquid that circulates through the system based on temperature requirements. The floors branch out and grow along the skeletal system, reaching full maturity between age 5 and 8. In its entirety this design focuses on the process, how architects can start with a line and from there have it grow into a building to the point where the initial starting point becomes blurred into the whole.


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