Acer focuses on 'touch and type' for Windows 8

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TAIWANESE COMPUTER MAKER Acer said today that its Windows 8 devices focus on touch to encourage a "touch and type" user experience.
Acer announces new campaign to focus on touch and type experience
Acer's president Jim Wong discussed the firm's intentions with Windows 8 at a UK press event in London today. Wong said that Acer has launched all of its range of Windows 8 products with touch capabilities in order to introduce a new way of interaction it calls "duality" and encourage users to experience them differently by touching the screen, then typing, then touching it again, as opposed to using a touchpad or mouse.
Wong said Acer is encouraging this way of interacting with devices because it is "a more natural and beneficial way" for its audience to experience its laptops, tablets and PCs as well as a chance for the firm to "start differentiating our products".
To back up its new "duality" focus, Acer has launched a worldwide marketing campaign across broadcast, print and online media featuring US actress and model Megan Fox, with the tagline "explore beyond limits". The ad portrays Fox as a marine biologist who uses Acer's latest ultrabook, the Aspire S7 to communicate with dolphins.
The firm is also setting up "experience centres" in 30 major cities in EMEA that are soon to go global. The "experience centres" offer 30 minute sessions to help end users understand how "touch and type" works.
Acer's campaign is fronted by its flagship product, the Aspire S7 ultrabook that comes in 11in and 13in models. Boasting an Intel Core processor, 4GB of RAM and up to 256GB of storage, the laptops both feature a full HD IPS touch enabled display with an aluminium chassis and twin air cooling to reduce the risk of overheating.
Acer's touch enabled Windows 8 range was first announced at Computex in July and includes two 14in notebooks, the M5-481 and V5-471, two 15in notebooks, the M3-581 and V5-571, two convertible tablets, the W510 and W700, three touchscreen all-in-one (AIO) PCs, the Aspire 7600U, 5600U and ZS600, as well as two touch enabled monitors, the T272HL and the T232HL to work with existing Windows 8 desktop machines.
Acer has also launched a new touch enabled website as part of its "duality" focus so it can be used with touchscreen devices. ยต


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